How I became an Expat Cat

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Yes Oscar?
We didn't write yesterday!
I know Oscar, it was my fault, I was too busy to help you posting.


How I became an Expat Cat

Fast forward >>>>>>> One and a half year later, a sunny day in May:
Mommy and Daddy came completely excited home and said: “We are moving, we are moving to Prague, Oscar! Eh, Prague, excuse me, where about is that? Over the next few days I figured out that Prague was not even anymore in our country! Oh big ceiling cat Bast, how will this all end? Then I heard people asking:”And Oscar? What will happen to Oscar? Will you take him with you?” Mommy and Daddy got really, really angry because people thought they might considering abandoning me!!! For my cat parents there was no question that I would travel with them. Eh, people, hello, HOW are we going to travel? I really feared the answer. And, yep, the answer was: “We are driving over with the car Oscar, it is only a two days drive!” Are you barking, I mean meowing, mad??? Two days in a car? You must be mental! I dunno like cars and I dunno like driving in cars and HOW will you get me to stay in the car? A harness perhaps? Do you have a metal harness for yourself then? I was sooo mad. If I would have known how they would trick me, oh my...
Two weeks before we moved, a strange cage appeared in our living room, a metal dog cage! Do they now think I am a doggie? Things got even more worse, they fed me in the cage. Yep, to get to my yummy food, I had to enter the cage, brrr. But what don't you do all, when you are hungry!

The house got emptier and emptier, things disappeared in big boxes and one day, two men came and started to pack everything left into boxes. And by everything, I do mean everything. At the end of the second day only my cage, bowls and litter box where left over in the house. Oh, yes, also a bit of Mommy's and Daddy's stuff and a few plants. M&D started to pack all in the car, including my metal dog cage, with the litter box, food and water bowl and blanket all in it. Huch, they wouldn't let me here in the end, would they? Mommy then came and started to throw me treats and I started to chase them around the empty house and she throw and I chased and she throw and I chased, oooops, big, big oops! The last treat went into my little plastic transport carrier and Mommy closed the door, with an angelic smile. She then took me out to the car and transferred me swiftly into the big dog cage. Arrrggghhh! Grrrrrr! Meorwwww! Mommy had tricked me, again! I was safely in what would be my apartment for the next two days. M&D waved the house good-bye and of we went, driving away from everything I knew into an unknown future. Want to know how to entertain your humans when traveling? Come back tomorrow and check my blog for tips! And if you want to know which type of work brought Daddy to Prague, check out his blog: Ricky Yates.


Yes , Mommy?
Do we post tomorrow?
I hope Oscar, I hope I have the time, now please, let me get back to my work! And you go of to visit all your furriends! That you haven't done yesterday neither.


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Our Mommy LOVES Prague. She is very jealous that you get to live there! We are enjoying reading your story!

Daisy said...

That's a lot of traveling! I had to fly in an airplane before. It was very, very scairty.

Anonymous said...

We've never been on a trip that took that long before, but this summer we're moving far far away, to Florida.

The Island Cats said...

Wow Oscar! That all sounds so exciting! We've never had to go anywhere farther than the v-e-t.

Zoolatry said...

Hope you're getting frequent flyer miles for all your travel: maybe you can get kitty-treat rewards!

Samantha, Mr. Tigger and Maverick said...

Welcome to the Tuxedo Gang Oscar!!
Your Tuxie furiend,

Cliff and Olivia said...

Hi Oscar

We heard of you over at Tux hangout. What an interesting story. We'll look forward to hearing more about your expat life.

We move every week to the summer house, but that's just a bit over an hour in the car. We don't mind, but two whole days - and in a dog cage. Wow.

Amy said...

Wow, Oscar, that sounds like an ordeal. But honestly I think it sounds like it was a great way for you to travel. At least you weren't locked in your tiny carrier for that whole time. I always wondered how we would move the cats if that time ever came (and if it was far) and now I know a good way. It sounds much better than those little carriers!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Golly ... You ARE a world-traveller. I've been in the car about three times. Once was to go to the v-e-t when I had my ladygardenectomy an' the second time is when we had to move to a hotel before the house was completed. The last time was kinda embarrassing 'cuz I peed down the drivers' side of the car as I didn't wanna take a ride. You're far braver than I am!

Sher said...

Hi Osar,
We were reading about your move and are sorry you had such a hard time! We're making a move in a couple of weeks...could you give us any tips? We've never traveled before--just once to the vet--we shook the whole time from being scared! Looking forward to your next post!

Pepa and Ota
The Bratty "Rat" Boys (actually gerbils)

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