My Life, by Oscar, Part 2

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Yes Oscar?
I have written the second part of my life story!
That is great, let's post it.
I wrote about you!
Oh my! ;-)

************ afternoon the male human put me in the cat carrier and drove away with me, taking a road we had never driven before... I continue:

We didn't drive for long, but still I made a racket like hell. I do hate driving, I really, really do hate driving in a car! After an eternity 10 minutes or so, we arrived at a place I had never been before. Somebody opened the door -and it was this woman that sometimes came to visit us and that always called me a “cat with character”! She let me and the male human into the house and then opened the door of my cat cage. I went out, very nonchalant, and made a stroll through the living room. Then I jumped on the settee and walked on the top of it towards the woman. Slowly she brought her face down to my level and we touched noses. The male human gasped: “I would never dare to do this with Oscar!” She smiled. Then she said the magical words: “If it works out and if my allergies are not too bad, we'll keep him – forever!” Did that mean I had a new forever home??? WOW, I mean MEOW! The rest of the day I wandered around and inspected the house. Was it only me and her? Nops, a couple of hours later another male human arrived, one I had seen with her before. So far, so good.

A bit later, I was sitting on her lap, I got “THE MADNESS” again and I bit into her wrist and clawed all my four claws into her arm. Blood was dripping to the floor. She grabbed me very hard by the scruff of my neck and called the male human. I tried to bit deeper into her wrist but she had stabilized my head so that I couldn't do more damage. So I started to move my legs, whilst my claws were still in her arm. More blood, it wasn't pretty. The male human came and helped her to take my paws and claws one by one out of her flesh. Nobody shouted, nobody panicked, but I was still mad, don't know why, just MAD.
She carried me a on my neck into the kitchen, like a Mommy cat would carry a kitten and hold me over the kitchen sink and OPENED THE COLD WATER TAP! No, Mommy, no, not cold water, no, I promise that I will be a good kitten in future, no, PLEEEAAASSSEEE! As I was soaking wet, she let me go. And went to the kitchen cupboard and took care of her wounds. There was blood everywhere on the floor. I was sitting under the table and tried to dry my fur whilst she was cleaning her arm and he was cleaning the floor. Boy, were we of to a start! But somehow, from that evening onward, she ceased to be “the female human” and became “My Mommy”.

Tomorrow I'll write more about my new life, promised....


Yes Mommy?
You are a good cat and I wouldn't exchange you for any other cat in the world!
I love you also Mommy! Good Night!
Good Night, Oscar!


Daisy said...

WHOA! Oscar, you sure have an interesting past! It sounds like you found a where they know how to take care of you just right. I cannot wait to learn more things about you!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Hello Oscar! IT is nice to meet you. I think you are a very good cat!

Oscar, Expat Cat said...

I will write daily, if Mommy gives me time on the computer! And yes, Mommy knows how to get me to do things I don't want to do and not to do things I want to do...

@Chesuli and Gemini
Thanks for your kind words, yes, Mommy says I am a good cat, and Daddy adds "most of the time"


Freya said...

Goodness Oscar! Thank ceiling cat your new mommy is so kind and good hearted!

Oscar, Expat Cat said...

Yes, I do, I will show you soon what a did To Mommy's eye two weeks previously, not that I am proud of it ;-(

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