Waking a tin opener up

Thursday, June 18, 2009
I fund this video on youtube, I du luy youtube, lots of fun! If you imagine the cat in the video being a tuxie, that could be me waking Daddy up in the morning! One other thing is different, go watch the video and I tell you what I do different.

Back? I think this cat is pretty talented when it comes to waking up its tin opener. But at the end, uhm, I prefer another method for the final wake up call. I normally end with pushing my paws alternately against the duvet cover and, just by accident, one single claws slips over the edge and pierces him a bit in his belly. That wakes him up quickly! And then he feeds me, hehehehe!
What is your preferred method to wake up your humans in the morning?


Freya's Staff said...

I haven't seen that video for months, and seeing it again, was such a delight! My late Auntie Scampie used to do the slapping thing... I don't do anything though, as I'm really smart. I just go over to Daddycat's favourite plant, and start my breakfsat without him! Somehow, the sound of that wakes him up everytime!

By the way, my friend's Son-in-law made that film too!!

Amy said...

That is very funny! I haven't seen it before. I have to say that my kittes only need to wake me on the weekends, and they do anything from staring at me to literally grabbing my arm with their teeth to try and pull me up - that last one is Virgils prefered technique. Luckily he doesn't bite hard when he does it.

Oscar, Expat Cat said...

@Freya's Staff
Meow, be careful what kind of plant you chew on, some can be really poisonous for us! Meow and great that you know the film maker, does he have some more "how to" videos for cats???

Hm, I must try that one next time, but not buying hard is really difficult for me... Oh, and I forgot to mention, I start normally at 4:30 am to get the humans up!

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