Oscar here – I am back!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Hi guys, I twisted Mommy's arm to finally update my blog! She even took two photos of me, showing me at my favorite pastime: Catnaps! Mommy says, I shall not apologize for not posting in ages, instead I shall tell you what I did the last months. But before I do that, I have to say that it wasn't Mommy's fault, she was really, really busy with other stuff. And at the moment she takes even part in a SEO contest called “Oes tsetnoc”, but she still took time out to write what I dictate her ;-)

Oh, yes, we also have a few questions for you! Mommy and I were chatting the other night and she asked if my heart hangs really on this blog or not? First I thought my heart stops, ok, I haven't blogged in ages, but I really don't want to loose my blog completely. But then she explained that she is not really happy with having to cope with a blogspot blog and would much prefer when I would “move house” so to speak. Either as a fellow blogger on one of her own blogs or on an own wordpress blog she would host for me. What do you think? She says she could transfer the blog so that I could take my old blog posts with me and do a bit of her “seo magic” (whatever that is, I only know of “meow magic” that is the one that gets me the treats ;-) so that I don't loose too many of my (few) visitors.

On one hand I would like a blog that is easier for Mommy to maintain and with more features like hers has. On the other hand, I am a creature of habit and don't like moving house. So, what do you think? Would you mind to give me your opinion in a comment? Meanwhile I tell you a bit of what I have done the last months, basically this:

Mommy and Daddy say, sometimes I look like a dead cat when I am sleeping and they have to check if I am really breathing! But I do like my catnaps, I can sleep anywhere. Some of my favorite sleeping places include: The wardrobe, on and under the duvet covers of the beds, on my new climbing treehouse, on the carpet under Mommy's desktop (like a dog she says, argghhh!) and the most weird of all --- on the bath-mat before the shower! But only if nobody is in the shower! So what else have I done the last months do you ask? Lets see:

First I went on holidays / vacations to Uncle G. whilst Mommy and Daddy were away themselves.
Then we all came home and celebrated the re-encounter. I was really happy that M&D were back.
Then we got people to stay with us, couch surfers, friends and family and I did a really good job entertaining them all.
Then I cut Mommy's eye lid rather badly, it was an accident, I swear!
Then M&D went on holidays / vacations again but this time I was allowed to stay at home and “Auntie Sher” from “Czech of the Beaten Path” looked after me, she even called me Mr.Oscar! And after a few days, two people spend their holidays / vacations in our flat, whilst M&D were still away. So I took care of them, and they said I was a really good host!
Then M&D came back and bought me a scratchy tree house only for me alone!
And then I cut Mommy's fingertips open with my claws, only two, and this time even she admitted that it was an unfortunate accident!

So that was it, for the moment, and remember please tell us your opinion in a comment if I should continue to blog here or if I should move house to a very own blog! Thanks a bunch and now the promised second photo. Do you now understand why M&D say that I look sometimes like dead when I sleep?

My apologies

Saturday, July 4, 2009
Dear furry friends, Mommy and daddy are off on holidays / vacation tomorrow and, ehm, and, ehm, ok, I can't use the computer completely alone without Mommy! And the friend I am staying with, Uncle G., is really great, but I don't think he would have time to blog much about my adventures with him... So I leave you with this great videos he sent me before moving to his place and I give you a big paw promise that I will blog more often when my humans are back from Croatia. Luv you all, even the woofies, Oscar

Oh, very, very important! Can you go and visit my new friend Asta? Her blog is at Asta's World and she and her Mommy could really, really do with a bit of cheering up! Thanks and see you soon when we are all back from our holidays! Oscar

And here the videos:

How I became an Expat Cat

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Yes Oscar?
We didn't write yesterday!
I know Oscar, it was my fault, I was too busy to help you posting.


How I became an Expat Cat

Fast forward >>>>>>> One and a half year later, a sunny day in May:
Mommy and Daddy came completely excited home and said: “We are moving, we are moving to Prague, Oscar! Eh, Prague, excuse me, where about is that? Over the next few days I figured out that Prague was not even anymore in our country! Oh big ceiling cat Bast, how will this all end? Then I heard people asking:”And Oscar? What will happen to Oscar? Will you take him with you?” Mommy and Daddy got really, really angry because people thought they might considering abandoning me!!! For my cat parents there was no question that I would travel with them. Eh, people, hello, HOW are we going to travel? I really feared the answer. And, yep, the answer was: “We are driving over with the car Oscar, it is only a two days drive!” Are you barking, I mean meowing, mad??? Two days in a car? You must be mental! I dunno like cars and I dunno like driving in cars and HOW will you get me to stay in the car? A harness perhaps? Do you have a metal harness for yourself then? I was sooo mad. If I would have known how they would trick me, oh my...
Two weeks before we moved, a strange cage appeared in our living room, a metal dog cage! Do they now think I am a doggie? Things got even more worse, they fed me in the cage. Yep, to get to my yummy food, I had to enter the cage, brrr. But what don't you do all, when you are hungry!

The house got emptier and emptier, things disappeared in big boxes and one day, two men came and started to pack everything left into boxes. And by everything, I do mean everything. At the end of the second day only my cage, bowls and litter box where left over in the house. Oh, yes, also a bit of Mommy's and Daddy's stuff and a few plants. M&D started to pack all in the car, including my metal dog cage, with the litter box, food and water bowl and blanket all in it. Huch, they wouldn't let me here in the end, would they? Mommy then came and started to throw me treats and I started to chase them around the empty house and she throw and I chased and she throw and I chased, oooops, big, big oops! The last treat went into my little plastic transport carrier and Mommy closed the door, with an angelic smile. She then took me out to the car and transferred me swiftly into the big dog cage. Arrrggghhh! Grrrrrr! Meorwwww! Mommy had tricked me, again! I was safely in what would be my apartment for the next two days. M&D waved the house good-bye and of we went, driving away from everything I knew into an unknown future. Want to know how to entertain your humans when traveling? Come back tomorrow and check my blog for tips! And if you want to know which type of work brought Daddy to Prague, check out his blog: Ricky Yates.


Yes , Mommy?
Do we post tomorrow?
I hope Oscar, I hope I have the time, now please, let me get back to my work! And you go of to visit all your furriends! That you haven't done yesterday neither.

Wake up Video!

Friday, June 19, 2009
Hi Furriends! Music Time!

I found a great wake up video for you, normally I am not too much into this style of music, but this guy really understands us, have to find Sparta's Blog now, see ya later!

After my walkabout

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Yes Oscar?
Where you and Daddy happy when I came back?
Yes, very happy, Oscar!!!
Why do you call me then “the annoying furball”?
Because you ask so many questions, Oscar ;-)


After my walkabout

The next morning I made an almighty racket because Mommy went to the bathroom and CLOSED THE DOOR! If you know anything about cats, you know that we absolutely hate, really, really hate closed doors. But at that time it was much, much worst for me. I throw myself against the door with my body and tried to break through the wood and get to MY MOMMY!!! The humans call that separation anxiety, me thinks. For the next week or so I would stay glued to Mommy. She was in her study, it would sleep on my chair, close to her. She would go to the kitchen to get another coffee, I would walk with her to the kitchen and back. She would go to the bathroom, I would throw myself against the door and scream. She insisted in going alone to the bathroom ;-(
I would only eat if somebody was with me in the same room and used my litter box really, really fast because nobody wanted to give ME company to the bathroom, can't understand why.... After a week or so it got better and I would even venture out into the garden, but only with Mommy or Daddy. And I would start to stay alone and sleep when Mommy left her study. I am very fortunate to have a WAHM!
Actually that I didn't sleep very much the first week home, due to the fact that I had to follow Mommy around and be with her all the time, got Mommy concerned. I even noticed that she would skip a coffee or two to not to wake me up! Sleep deprivation can be really bad for cats, we need around 16h a day of sleep, if not we get not only grumpy but can get also seriously ill because it suppresses our immune system. A cat needs it sleep, yeah! Now, I go back to my cozy snoozy bed and tomorrow I'll tell you everything about how and why I became an expat cat, see ya.


Yes , Mommy?
It is our bed, not yours, you are sleeping on.
Really, Mommy????

Waking a tin opener up

I fund this video on youtube, I du luy youtube, lots of fun! If you imagine the cat in the video being a tuxie, that could be me waking Daddy up in the morning! One other thing is different, go watch the video and I tell you what I do different.

Back? I think this cat is pretty talented when it comes to waking up its tin opener. But at the end, uhm, I prefer another method for the final wake up call. I normally end with pushing my paws alternately against the duvet cover and, just by accident, one single claws slips over the edge and pierces him a bit in his belly. That wakes him up quickly! And then he feeds me, hehehehe!
What is your preferred method to wake up your humans in the morning?

The two darkest months of my life

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Yes Oscar?
Do you notice something?
Where Oscar?
On my blog!
Oh my, you have a new header! Wow, and what a pretty one! Where did you get it from?
My friends Maggy and Zoey and their Mommy, Ann, from Zoolatry made it for me.
That is great, have you said “Thank you!”?
Yes, Mommy, first on twitter and then with this post!

THANK YOU Maggy, Zoey and Ann! I really du luv my new header!

Yes Mommy?
Have you written your chapter for today?

VVVVV VVVVV (that are cat claws pointing down, in case you wonder)

The two darkest months of my life

All started as the humans decided they need holidays / vacations from me. Actually, I don't think they needed them from me, more likely they just needed them. “And what shall we do with The Cat?” They considered several possibilities and in the end decided to just leave me at home, alone, abandoned, neglected, starving, uncared for, pitying myself... [Oscar! We still feel guilty enough for what had happened, stop exaggerating!] Yes, Mommy.
So, my good humans thought it would be best for me to stay at home and people would come and feed me and play with me and take care of me. [That better, Mommy? Yes, and also more accurate, Oscar.] The first two days all was ok, the people would come and feed me and give me fresh water and play with me and also clean my litter box. When they would be gone, I would either have a snoozy-snoozy on the window sill or would go for a walk in the garden, via my cat flaps. Until day three, all was fine. And then all becomes dark...
Until today, I don't remember what had happened, Mommy and Daddy say I might have Amnesia!!! I only know, that suddenly I was not longer anymore at home. I was somewhere strange. I don't remember how I got there and where “there” was, but I know that I had enough to eat. But I don't know if I caught my food myself or if somebody fed me. The people in the village said that they say a black and white cat in the grounds of the haunted house, but I don't remember if I got trapped in the old haunted house. I remember nothing at all, that is why I call that time the two darkest months of my life ;-(

... A long time passed, and more time, and more...

My humans said, it was two long months that had passed. They were meanwhile back from holidays / vacations and had searched the whole county for me, to no avail! Suddenly, one evening, I found myself on our driveway, I also don't remember how I got there, I only remember crying for Mommy and Daddy. And I remember Daddy's voice: “That is Oscar, Oscar is back, Oscar is out there!” Mommy and Daddy came both to look for me, Daddy with a torch and Mommy with a box of kibble in her hand that she rattled the whole time. And they kept calling me, but I was scared, I don't know why, I was finally home, but I was scared and hid under the hedge. After 20min Mommy and Daddy had me coaxed out under the hedge and Mommy hold me very, very tight in her arms, and for the first time ever, I didn't object to be carried around!
Mommy and Daddy couldn't cuddle me enough that evening, boy, was that a love feast! And all my things were still there, they had never given up hope that I would come back! Oh, and they gave me tuna, and cuddled me, and checked me up. And they wondered because I looked well fed and groomed, perhaps the White Lady without head that is said to live in the old haunted house had taken care of me? They say Anne Boleyn loved cats!

That night I slept very, very close to Mommy and Daddy, I was so happy to be home again. The next morning I made an almighty racket because Mommy....

.....to be continued, tomorrow, with some more happy memories ;-)

Something funny before the horror starts

A friend of Mommy and Daddy has send her this morning this video. I am sure a few of you have already seen it, but in case that not, here it is:

Jack, Mommy and Daddy's friend has also two cats, two very nice Ginger ones! They are called Sam and Naomi, but I don't think they blog - yet. But they sure should do! So, have fun and enjoy the video, I write meanwhile my story about the darkest two months of my life, see ya, Oscar

Dear everybuddy!

Dear everybudy,

Thank you so so much for your welcome into the catoblogosphere! I have added everybuddy of you to my blogroll (Places I visit daily) and to my google friends (if you had it on your blog). If I forget one of you, please, please, leave me a comment, I got a bit overwhelmed today by all the kind words. So if you have left me a comment but are not on my blogroll and not I am not in your friend connect than please, nag me with a new comment. Also if you have more then one blog in your profile and I chose the wrong one, please tell me! I really will try hard to visit all of you every day. Oscar, the Expat Cat

PS Moomy says Thank You also and she thinks that I am getting all softy and murrli-purrli with all this kind comments received...

My New Life, next part

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Yes Oscar?
What is a Profile Page?
That is a page that tells people who you are, that has all information about you that you want to share on one page.
Yes Oscar?
If I write the story of my life in many chapters, that wouldn't make a good profile page, would it?
No Oscar, but when you have finished your next chapter, I'll help you to fill out your very own Blogger Profile.
Great Mommy, we can do it now, I have written my chapter for today!


After all these excitements and fight from the evening before I slept really, really well the first night in my new forever home! The next days were filled with discovery of the house, and soon also the garden. We still had some 'little discussions' Mommy and I, but I learned rather fast that if I was a good cat, I got treats, if I was a bad cat, I got a slap on the bum, and if I was a VERY bad cat, I got a cold shower. I prefer dry and treat, thank you very much ;-)
The house was a bit smaller and newer then I was used to and the garden a bit smaller also. But that was ok, if I was bored I could always wander out into the fields. Also to get a little snack, so to speak. Life became rather quiet and peaceful. There were no small humans living in the house and far less parties also. I started to train my new human slaves [OSCAR!, I am watching!]
I started to invent new games to play with my new cat parents, like throwing me treats up and down a staircase. I also got some more toys, like a tiny cricket ball, my Daddy is a great Cricketer! And a pinky mousy that runs around and cat can chase it. So, yeah, life was good. My new humans learned also something, for example that I do NOT like to be picked up and carried around, really not, thank you! So we adjusted to each other nicely, learned from each other and become more and more friends and a human-feline family. What did I know that soon the darkest two months of my life would begin, it all started as the humans...

.....to be continued, tomorrow ;-)


Yes Oscar?
Is my Profile Page ready?
Nearly Oscar, nearly, *sigh*

My Life, by Oscar, Part 2

Yes Oscar?
I have written the second part of my life story!
That is great, let's post it.
I wrote about you!
Oh my! ;-)


...one afternoon the male human put me in the cat carrier and drove away with me, taking a road we had never driven before... I continue:

We didn't drive for long, but still I made a racket like hell. I do hate driving, I really, really do hate driving in a car! After an eternity 10 minutes or so, we arrived at a place I had never been before. Somebody opened the door -and it was this woman that sometimes came to visit us and that always called me a “cat with character”! She let me and the male human into the house and then opened the door of my cat cage. I went out, very nonchalant, and made a stroll through the living room. Then I jumped on the settee and walked on the top of it towards the woman. Slowly she brought her face down to my level and we touched noses. The male human gasped: “I would never dare to do this with Oscar!” She smiled. Then she said the magical words: “If it works out and if my allergies are not too bad, we'll keep him – forever!” Did that mean I had a new forever home??? WOW, I mean MEOW! The rest of the day I wandered around and inspected the house. Was it only me and her? Nops, a couple of hours later another male human arrived, one I had seen with her before. So far, so good.

A bit later, I was sitting on her lap, I got “THE MADNESS” again and I bit into her wrist and clawed all my four claws into her arm. Blood was dripping to the floor. She grabbed me very hard by the scruff of my neck and called the male human. I tried to bit deeper into her wrist but she had stabilized my head so that I couldn't do more damage. So I started to move my legs, whilst my claws were still in her arm. More blood, it wasn't pretty. The male human came and helped her to take my paws and claws one by one out of her flesh. Nobody shouted, nobody panicked, but I was still mad, don't know why, just MAD.
She carried me a on my neck into the kitchen, like a Mommy cat would carry a kitten and hold me over the kitchen sink and OPENED THE COLD WATER TAP! No, Mommy, no, not cold water, no, I promise that I will be a good kitten in future, no, PLEEEAAASSSEEE! As I was soaking wet, she let me go. And went to the kitchen cupboard and took care of her wounds. There was blood everywhere on the floor. I was sitting under the table and tried to dry my fur whilst she was cleaning her arm and he was cleaning the floor. Boy, were we of to a start! But somehow, from that evening onward, she ceased to be “the female human” and became “My Mommy”.

Tomorrow I'll write more about my new life, promised....


Yes Mommy?
You are a good cat and I wouldn't exchange you for any other cat in the world!
I love you also Mommy! Good Night!
Good Night, Oscar!

My Life, by Oscar

Monday, June 15, 2009
Yes, Oscar?
Daisy the Curly Cat has left a comment on my blog.
That is great Oscar.
Yes, Oscar?
What shall I write now about?
Oscar, why don't you tell people a bit about who you are, were you live and why you started to bother me about having an own blog. Then we can show people that come to visit you here that post and call it your “About Oscar the Expat Cat” page. OK?
OK, Mommy, great idea!


My Life, by Oscar, the Exp(a)/(er)t Blogging Cat

Hi, my name is Oscar and I am a 12year old, neutered, European Shorthair Cat.

Yikes, that sounds boring. See the photo up there, in the header? That's me, your Oscar friend ;-) I was born, eh, a few years ago and used to live in a great house with a huge garden in England, near Buckingham, to be precise. I used to live there with my first humans and another cat called Remy, like Remy Martin ;-)
Remy was the boss and I was not, at least the first years, but then Remy got older and I became the boss, and BOY! Did I boss around. Not only Remy, also the humans, I was THE boss in the house! Great, I really enjoyed it, --- for a while. I would bully Remy away from her food, and from her favourite sleeping places, and if she didn't move quick enough, I would bite a piece of fur out of her, skin and blood included!
Also the humans, there were three now, two big and a small one, I tried to boss around. I was the mega boss and bit and clawed everybody that came in my way. That was great fun, in the beginning. But then I noticed that people didn't like me anymore, and that I didn't get so many treats and chin scratchies anymore. And I started to life outside, I was out the whole day, and half the night, going for walkies. INDEPENDENT walkies, I didn't need nobody no more! Sometimes, when I came back to the house, I would find visitors there and if they tried to caress me, I would bite and claw them until the blood flow, really!
One visitor was never afraid of me, she would pick me up and call me a cat with character! I still bit and clawed her. And she would bit and claw me back! Actually she didn't bit or clawed me, but she would take me by the scruff of my neck and shake me. And I got a slap on the bum also! And she would set me on the floor and ignore me for the rest of her visit. I was sooo furious, I tried to attack again, but boy that woman was fast! But somehow, after a few visits, I started to respect her and stayed longer and longer on her lap. I often heard her say: “If I wouldn't be allergic to cats, I would take Oscar for a while and teach him how a good cat behaves.”
Meanwhile my first humans got really, really fed up with me.I mean, looking back, I can understand them, or do you really fancy having a cat glued to your foot and trying to rip your toes of when you have a lay in on a sunny Sunday morning? So things, really got serious at my first home. And then I started to hear words like RSPCA and re-homing and finding a place for Oscar. And I got frightened and wild, until one afternoon the male human put me in the cat carrier and drove away with me, taking a road we had never driven before...

... to be continued, tomorrow, promised

How to get your own blog.

How to get your own blog – how it started


What do you want Oscar?
Mommy, I want my very own BLOG!
Because I don't have the time.
I do.
I said NO.
Oscar, writing a blog is hard work, and I don't think you are patient enough to stick to it longer then, eh, perhaps a week, if so long.
Yes, Oscar?
I do promise!
What Oscar?
To stick to it!
Oscar, why on earth do you want to have a blog?

Because I don't have friends, but I want to make them. I can't leave the house, but I can visit them on the internet. And I am bored, I have nothing to do then to look out of the window, eat, sleep. If I would have a blog, I would have something to do. I could visit my friends that live in your computer and speak with them. I could make more friends! Mommy, I need a blog to be not anymore booored. Mommy?

That is how all began... Oscar got his blog and even a twitter account to get him started, let's see where this all ends...