A new video version

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Some months back I posted a video that my friend Vance took when he visted me (ok, Mommy and Daddy also, but foremost ME ME ME!) And did I mention he took a video of me blogging? How cool was that, here the first blogging cat video for you to remember fondly. Today Mommy got another email telling her to tell me that there is a new version, improved and only dedicated to me, the blogging cat, online and DRUMROLL, here it is:

Many thanks to Vance from Life Story Videos for doing this for me. And if you are interested in email lists (whatever they are, do cats have email lists?) you might check out the rest of his blog VanceSova.

You don't believe what I just saw!

Monday, June 28, 2010
Hi, you don't believe what I just saw, me on JohnChows Blog! Ok, if you don't know who John Chow is, he is a kind of super make money online blogger and he featured me in his latest video!!! Now I will make zillions just like he does!

"Yes, Mommy?"
"Can you please tell the truth and nothing else than the truth?!"
"But it is true Mommy, I am on John Chows Blog!!!"
"...nothing else than the truth..."

Ehm, ok, mommy, I try again. Lets see:

Some weeks ago one of mommy's (she blogs as hospitalera btw) online friends friends Vance (who blogs at vancesova) visited us together with his lovely female ("Oscar, humans are either called wives or girlfriends, not just "females"") "So, humans are nor male nor female?, Mommy?" "Oscar!" "What?" "Shoosh it!" "Yes, Mommy ;-)"

So Vance and his lovely what-ever-humans-call-their-females ("SIGH!" "What is, Mommy?" "Nothing Oscar, nothing, you just carry on, *MEGA SIGH*") came to visit us in Prague and Vance took a video with me as a star (*cough, cough* "Are you getting a cold, Mommy??"] and when he traveled back to Canada, he went to John Chows super-famous dot pho soup lunch and showed it to the other bloggers there. And John put it on his blog, and on yuuutube and everywhere and I will be famous as the blogging cat!!! Eh, excuse me, I have now to read Johns book, apparently you can make money with blogging!!! Did you know??? BTW, the video is below, I appear around 3:00 ... Oscar, the Film Movie Video Star