After my walkabout

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Yes Oscar?
Where you and Daddy happy when I came back?
Yes, very happy, Oscar!!!
Why do you call me then “the annoying furball”?
Because you ask so many questions, Oscar ;-)


After my walkabout

The next morning I made an almighty racket because Mommy went to the bathroom and CLOSED THE DOOR! If you know anything about cats, you know that we absolutely hate, really, really hate closed doors. But at that time it was much, much worst for me. I throw myself against the door with my body and tried to break through the wood and get to MY MOMMY!!! The humans call that separation anxiety, me thinks. For the next week or so I would stay glued to Mommy. She was in her study, it would sleep on my chair, close to her. She would go to the kitchen to get another coffee, I would walk with her to the kitchen and back. She would go to the bathroom, I would throw myself against the door and scream. She insisted in going alone to the bathroom ;-(
I would only eat if somebody was with me in the same room and used my litter box really, really fast because nobody wanted to give ME company to the bathroom, can't understand why.... After a week or so it got better and I would even venture out into the garden, but only with Mommy or Daddy. And I would start to stay alone and sleep when Mommy left her study. I am very fortunate to have a WAHM!
Actually that I didn't sleep very much the first week home, due to the fact that I had to follow Mommy around and be with her all the time, got Mommy concerned. I even noticed that she would skip a coffee or two to not to wake me up! Sleep deprivation can be really bad for cats, we need around 16h a day of sleep, if not we get not only grumpy but can get also seriously ill because it suppresses our immune system. A cat needs it sleep, yeah! Now, I go back to my cozy snoozy bed and tomorrow I'll tell you everything about how and why I became an expat cat, see ya.


Yes , Mommy?
It is our bed, not yours, you are sleeping on.
Really, Mommy????


Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Beans just do not get it do they? The bed belongs to us! We let the humans sleep in it!

The Crew said...

Oscar, don't be afraid to educate your humans. One of the top 10 cat rules is that NO door, and that includes the bathroom door, is to be closed to us.

Daisy said...

Oscar, it sounds like your adventure taught you the importance of having a home and a family who loves you!

Oscar, Expat Cat said...

@Two Sisters
Yes, you are right, but my humans are a tiny bit slow, sometimes... What shall one cat do?

@The Crew
I know, but sometimes, they dunno listen! MEOW!!!

Indeed it did, that is the reason why I am now much more friendly to Mommy and Daddy --- most of the time.

Amy said...

Oh, I am not surprised you had a little separation anxiety after that scary adventure you had. I have to say that my kitties always want to come in the bathroom. Eventually I just gave up and now I let them in if they want (but I tell them they have to decide quickly). I am glad you got more comfortable being alone though - that would have been hard on both you and your mom if you hadn't.

Anonymous said...

We're really enjoying your story, Oscar! We can't wait to read the next installment:)

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